Who are us?

We are the Men's Fad company what provide men's clothing products with high quality but a very affordable price. We are based in Canada but ship our products worldwide. With our expert experiences, our goal is to provide you products with the latest fashion trend so you don't have to spend a fortune to own nice clothing. 

How do you save more money when buying from us? 

You simply subscribe our newsletter, like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram. We send weekly promotional discounts, latest fashion new and trend. Plus, we organize plenty of giveaway stuff such as accessories and offer deep discounts when you participate our draws. 

Plenty of choices to get more chance to get our free gift when entering our draws:

 - Join our Facebook page, share and/or tag  your friends everytime we have the new contest or giveaway

- Follow us on Instagram, tag your friends.

Everytime you share and tag your friends, you increase your chance to win our gift.

What is the fashion consultant that we keep talking about?

Once you ordered and received the products, you can send us the personal message via email/ Facebook messenger with your order number. We can start the fashion consultation. 

You can ask us questions about how to wear and match our products together. For example, Mr. A bought a suit from us and now he is wondering how to match with shirts and bowties in his closet. He can simply take a picture of the suit, the shirts, and his bowties. Our expert will take a look and tell him which shirt and bow tie will match with his suit depending on the type of event he will be attending such as a wedding, a party, a conference, etc. If he doesn't have the right shirt or bowtie that match with his suit, we can purpose Mr. A products that make him the most attractive man of the event. 

How do you measure and get your right size?

Check our Measuring page here. It's so much more simple than you think and we guarantee you won't have any stress afterward. 

How is the shipping?

We provide free worldwide shipping for purchase that is more than 40$. We always try to get the best products from the manufacturers so you will get the best quality of products all the time. 

Keep in mind that you will receive your items 2 to 3 weeks after ordering. Please, understand that we are trying to reduce the cost of your purchase so we cannot provide you the express shipping service such as FedEx or DHL. 

How is the return & exchange policy?

Please, check our shipping and return policy here

How do we protect your confidential information?

Please, check our Privacy Policy here