Things will save your life when trekking/back-country hiking

5 Tips can boost up your trekking/backcountry hiking

Trekking/hiking is fun and becoming a trend to explore the world for all of us. You can see beautiful pictures of nature on Instagram and dream to explore the place with your own feet. You can know how generous the mother nature is to us. Plus, it improves your instinct and survivorship by learning how not to watch tv and lye down on the couch, but enjoy the moment, breath the fresh air and forget all the problems in your life a bit and stay zen.

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It sounds so good but nature can cause you to harm if you're not well prepared.

Last May, my wife and I went to Sa Pa, Vietnam and signed up for 3 days trekking to the Fansipan mount. It's about 3600m of height. It was that easy because it was hilly most of the time and for many sections, you have to climb the rock. It could be either the best trip of your life or the worst nightmare ever.

trekking hiking

You have to prepare well everything. I'm showing you below the list of things you have to bring with you all the time for your trekking trip

  • A good pair of hiking boots

It protects your feet from injuries, blisters, and the good grip will protect you from a sprain, slip. Plus, it keeps you away from water, mud.

trekking hiking

  • Hiking sticks

It helps you keep your pace, give you a boost when uphills. Plus, it takes off shock off your knee on downhills, provides balance on slippery rocks or uneven terrain.


  • Backpack with back support

Back pain or soreness is not fun. It decreases your energy fast and the longer you hike with the back issue, the more risk you'll get for your back such as muscle and/or back pain, bad sleep, etc.

  • Watch, compass or the map

The watch helps you to know if you're behind the schedule. You don't want to camp in some random area but the spot already planned.

The map & the compass will help you with direction when you're doing backcountry hiking or trekking.

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  • First aid kit

Injuries are the real nightmare. The first aid kit is indispensable for your trip because it can save you anytime and prevent your injuries to be worse. Having one kit in your backpack should be necessary.



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