How travel can save your life

8 benefits of traveling that make you happier than ever

Have you ever feel stuck in your life such as bored of your city, stuck in the traffic for hours every day, feeling exhausted and not enjoy the free evening? Even worse, you hate your life, your job, etc.? I feel it a lot, every day, month, year. Things keep running the same way over and over again. If you have those kinds of thought, you need to get out if it. The best way is to talk to someone you trust or even better, go travel somewhere to refresh your mind, replenish your body. 

benefits of travel

I love to travel, a lot. Visiting new culture, trekking to a mountain or snorkeling in some corals are appearing in my mind day to day. It motivates me to work harder and be patient until my vacation time starts. If you don’t travel, you’re wasting your time of life. Am I mean to say so?

No, seriously, let me show you all the benefits of traveling:

·         Travel improves your social & communication skills:

when you come to a place which doesn’t have the similar culture (I mean USA & Canada or France & Belgium, etc.) or in which you can’t speak your language, you gotta learn how to communicate with people in order to get information. For example, during my trip to Bali last April, my wife who was born in Canada, talked English to local people and it was hard for her to make them understand. I used the very basic English plus body language to communicate then we got the better details of the information

·         Travel brings you peace of mind:

Work, bills, appointment, frienemies, traffic, etc. Traveling forces us to temporarily disconnect from our normal routine and it helps us appreciate the people and things you have around. As per a famous saying “we never know what we have until we lose it.”

·         Travel makes you flexible and adaptive in many situations:

 While traveling, you will find yourself stuck in situations where things don’t always go as planned. Such situations will help you learn to cope with the uncertainties in life.

·         It teaches you a lot of things that you can never find in books:

 benefits of travel

·         You’ll appreciate life more.

Life is not always easy for everyone. When you travel, you'll see many people fighting hard to make a penny for their meal. Many of them don't know what is going to happen tomorrow so they sacrifice their sweat, tears and sometime their blood to survive today. 

The term "Eff my life" doesn't exist in their mind because they only wish to never have hunger in the future so they work hard to survive until the next day. So you will know well that you should "appreciate what you are having now, not dreaming about what you can't get"

·         You’re living your life with a lot of memories.

Traveling will make you meet new people, visit new places, try new things. It's always unforgettable. 

·         You can experience a plethora of new things.

As I mention above. 


·         Travelling improves your overall health:

Traveling requires a lot of walking beside swimming, hiking, playing some outdoor/indoor activities


·         You’ll be more interesting.

More stories to tell your friends and family. Impress your woman with new things, better perspective in any situation. Plus, your communication skills will be improved a lot, so you attract more people.

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