How to train for your trekking trip

How to train for your trekking trip?

How to enjoy fully your trekking/hiking without being exhausted?

Last month, during my stay in Vietnam, I chose to do trekking in Fansipan Mount close to Sa Pa city in the northern. Our goal was to trek 3 days in order to reach the top of Fansipan. The scenery was breathtaking. The souvenir was unforgettable. But even 3 days after that trekking trip, my body was still sore and my legs were so jelly. “Ouchhhhhh”, yup that's what I said it when I climb up the stair.

Hiking tips

Trekking/hiking provide you with many benefits such as:

  • Amazing scenery
  • The bigger vision of life because you spend more time with nature
  • Stronger body
  • Fast weight loss

For many reasons, trekking/hiking is an outdoor activity that requires you many things:

  • Fit enough to trek
  • You gotta carry a backpack
  • You gotta study the place you'll be trekking a bit before starting

Hiking tips

Training for your trekking trip doesn't require you to be an athlete to accomplish it but a bit of strength & endurance in order to last until the end and enjoy fully your trip than feeling drained

Before the trip, I talked to some experts in my city hiking forum and people who trekked often in Fansipan. I did what they suggested and I didn't feel that tired compared to my buddies who went with me.

It's not a magic but a bit of effort from you. Let me explain here

  • You gotta work on your strength and endurance

If you don't have enough strength, you can't handle the trekking and you can't last the trip without the endurance. I advise working on strength by doing weight lifting and cardio to work on endurance. There are some fitness tips here that can help you here

Hiking tips

  • The higher you reach, the less oxygen you can breath
    That's totally normal when you reach some certain height. All you have to do is work on your cardio and pace yourself when hiking up there.
  • It's a mental game
    I don't remember how many time I wanted to give up...Just wanna ask the porter to turn around and go back. But the further you can reach, the closer you will achieve your goal. All you have to do is prepare well before your trip

Hiking tips
  • Even you're good enough for the trek, don't underestimate and risk your life
    3 years ago, Aiden Webb, nicknamed as "Hercules" in the keen mountain climber community, died during his trekking to Fansipan mount, Sapa, Vietnam. He didn't bring any equipment but a GPS and cellphone or hire a local tour guide/ porter. A couple of days later, people found his body close to the waterfall after reaching the 2000m of height. He probably felt and got lost so he couldn't survive. 

Hiking tips

So I want everyone here to play hard and SAFE.


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