How to Survive Your Flight

Things to you should have for your flight 

You don't want the stress and hate anxiety when flying somewhere for your vacation.


So far, every time I went to the airport to catch my flight, I started worrying a lot, like:

  • Do I have my passport, visa with me?
  • What if someone opened my suitcase and steal my stuffs?
  • 16 hours of flight is too long and boring, can I handle that?
  • What if I'm too exhausted to explore after my flight? What can I do to have a deep sleep during my flight?
  • Is it cold in the airplane?
  • Is my suitcase too heavy? I worry I don't bring enough clothes
  • Etc.

Last month, I went back to Asia and travel around Indonesia, Vietnam & Thailand. I had those questions in mind and kept worrying a lot. Luckily, I found solutions for it then I enjoyed fully my trip. Here is my tips for you:

  • Check your passport and visa, make sure it's not expired.
  • Put your important legal documents in a pouch.
  • Get a lock for your suitcase.
  • Having a long flight? No problem, get a neck pillow so you can sleep well on the plane.

  • Yes, it's cold in the plane.
  • Check and weight your suitcase. before going to the airport.
  • You should have a carry-on luggage.
  • Download movies/music and/or bring a book with you.
  • Bring a phone cable and/or a battery bank with you.

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