How to pack your hat in the suitcase without ruining it?

How to pack your hat in the suitcase without crushing it? 

The hat is one of the indispensable thing or accessories that I always bring when traveling. It makes me look fancy when walking on the beach, stylish when going out and powerful when I wear a suit with. But bringing the hat when traveling is not easy because it causes you some comfort such as:
- it will be crushed if you put it in your suitcase without a box. but the box will take a lot of space in your suitcase, right? Would you sacrifice some of your clothing for your hat? Most of the time, NO. 
- wearing a hat, not a baseball hat, all the time during your flight is uncomfortable. Plus, you don't want to show people your messy hairstyle. Wearing a hat while sleeping and trying to keep it nice is super uncomfortable on the airplane. 
- or you can leave your hat at home, and spend more money and purchased another one at the destination you come. It's a no-no, too. 
The truth is you can still squeeze your hat in your suitcase when traveling but the right way. That way, your hat will regain its form when you remove it
Or You can do like in this video to save more space in your suitcase:

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