How to easily pack everything in your suitcase?

How to pack everything in your suitcase without a hustle?

Everyone love travel, including me. I’m so excited when the plan was made, the flight ticket was bought and the hotel was booked. Although, the prep time for the trip is always a mess for many reasons:

-          You want to bring as many clothes as you can: I went to Asia last May and I need to bring enough clothes for swimming/ snorkeling, hiking and casual night party in the big city. I had such a headache to deal with it because besides of my clothing I also had to bring my hiking shoes, hiking sticks, snorkeling gear, my drone, my formal shoes, my sneakers, my hats, etc.

packing your suitcase

-          How can I fit all my clothing in my suitcases: My suitcase is big but it doesn’t mean that everything can be fit into that.

-          You can’t feel safe with “bring enough clothes only”: you would want to bring more stuff so you can have it anytime.

 packing your suitcase

In order to resolve that problem, I would like to share with you the best way of packing all your stuff in your suitcase so you can save more space to bring more stuff. Here is the video from Heathrow Airport that I found super useful so I watch every single time before my trip to pack my suitcase:

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