5 things you can't live without when on the airplane

What are 5 things you always need when on your flight?

I love to travel because it refreshes me after months of working in the office. Plus, the more I explore the world, the more I appreciate life. My vision of life became better after each trip. I found the zen in my soul. But when I travel overseas, I always feel anxious and uncomfortable because of the long hours of flight. Plus, you can't really compare the seat to your lovely bed at home.

But wait…. Sitting on the airplane means we're going to somewhere new. Isn't it supposed to be exciting? Let me tell you how to enjoy your flight so you won't lose your excitement for the trip.

My secret is to get all these tools cited below then you can relax fully during your flight.

  • Neck pillow

As I said, the airplane seat can never be better than your couch or bed at home so it will be difficult to take a nap on it. If you do, either you'll have a neck pain or the worst nap ever. The neck pillow does really help because it stabilizes your neck so you can easily sleep without moving your head & neck.

The nap is very important because you can rest well and play hard when you arrive or you'll be crashed into your hotel until the next day.

  • Your phone /book or something to distract you

When you get bored and all the music or movies on the airplane aren't your taste, you would want to do what you like. Watching your favorite movie, listen to a song or read a book will make the flight shorter.

In my experience, I always love to read a book or sometimes, I played some games on my phone during my flight to distract myself.


  • Stretch & unstressed

Sitting too long may cause many problems to your body such as a bad blood circulation. You should find time to stand up, walk a bit or sit & stretch. That way, you can relax your muscles and for sure you'll feel better.

Here is the sample of stretching when sitting you can use it during your flight.

Image source: https://www.theglobeandmail.com


  • Compression sock &  sweater

The compression sock cited above is necessary for you because it provides warmth and maintains blood circulation to your feet. Nobody wants a blood clot that causes pain, dysfunction to their feet, especially when on their trip.

The airplane is often cold even tho you'll be provided a small blanket. Plus, when you transit in some airport, your body heat is low due to the fact of sitting too long on the airplane so you'll feel uncomfortably cold. 2 months ago, I got back from Vietnam. It was super hot there so I decide not to bring a sweater with me. Then the cold kicked my a**. I always felt cold during my flights and at the Hongkong airport. Finally, I got sick for a week after I got home. Is it worth to ignore sweater? Better safe than sorry.  

Finally, I just told you what I learned when I travel. I hope you get prepared then you can enjoy your trip fully.


Thank you for reading my article, hope you enjoy it. If you have any opinion or idea, please leave a comment.

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