How to save time & not to kill your plants

Benefits of self-watering planter

Why do we need to have indoor plants in our house? 

Indoor plants are one of my favorites pieces of decor for many reasons:

  • It can be fit in any corner of the house
  • The variety of indoor plants can provide you with different themes of decor. For example, I make my living room a Balinese style because it's so beautiful tropically. My den is where my wife and I spent most of the time together to watch TV, read a book and share a glass of wine so I put there some palm trees, some hanging plants, and many snake plants so the den can be so peaceful.
    self-watering planter
  • Indoor plants are the best natural air cleaner


But we have a busy schedule and still have to beat the traffic every day after work so we can't always take care of our plants. I found out that one of the best solutions for our plants is to have a self-watering planter for each plant instead of using the regular plant pot. It turns out that it's becoming so relaxing for us because we only have to water our plant/ refill the water in the pot once a month or longer. I love it and would like to share it with you here all the benefits my wife and I are enjoying.

  • It saves a lot of time:

In my case, I'm busy with my work schedule and any time, I didn't feel like taking care of my plants but relax on the couch. But, what if you're on vacation for 1 week to 1 month and nobody else is able to come water your plants? With the self-watering plants, you only refill the water in the pit and it will bring the water to the plants when the soil is dry so your plant can stay healthy all the time. It doesn't require much time but watering once a month because indoor plants never need more water than that.

  • It retain nutrients:

The home guides of SFGate state that as you water a typical container garden, the soil nutrients slowly diffuse out of the medium with the water molecules. You will need to add organic matter periodically to keep the soil's nutrient levels steady. Self-watering containers require you to water the soil normally, but the closed system allows the nutrients to stay within the immediate environment; any water overflow becomes trapped within an attached side jug. When the side jug is full of water, you simply pour it back onto the plant, much like creating your own water cycle. Nutrients are not expelled into a garden bed or out of container drain holes. As a result, you will find that your plant will flourish with the healthy nutrient levels

  • It saves water:

The self-watering plants only water your plants when it needs. The overwatering will rot your plants so it will die faster.

  • Encourage your plant's healthy growth

Indoor plants only need enough water and nutrients, no more or less so the self-watering planter can provide the sufficient amount of water to your plants to grow

  • There are self-watering planters with a different design that fit your style

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