How to make your house so beautiful & peaceful

How to have a stress free life in your house?

What are 5 things that make your house so Zen so you can relax when you get home from work, feel refresh after the gym or simply you're happy when hosting a party with friends


Everyone is battling daily with their work, transport, groceries, etc. Often, they're burned out after getting home. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the house is the shelter that makes us feel safe from rain, snow and maintains our privacy. In order to avoid stress when living in your house, you gotta do these things:

  1. Stay active
  2. Surround yourself with supportive people
  3. Be organized
  4. Make your personal space a calm & peaceful area.

For the first 2 elements, you can always organize your schedule to workout & hang out with your family & friends. For the last 2, there are 5 things you would consider

1- Make sure your house is clean & organized

Why? Plenty of reasons for you to choose here:

  • Your life really will be less stressful
  • Your house will be more aesthetically  pleasing so you'll love it more
  • You'll be spending less time to clean afterward
  • You'll prevent pest infestations
  • You'll extend your life's home material
  • You'll be able to find what you need when you need
  • You'll be promoting good health & hygiene
Clean House

You'll keep dust and other allergens out of your home

2- Decorate your house well (simplicity is the key)

Janet Price, the owner of J Price Design LLC, said:”Interestingly, recent studies have shown that the benefits of minimalist design go beyond the aesthetic. A minimalistic interior may actually be good for you. There are psychological benefits to having a more streamlined home. Your overall health and outlook can improve. Rooms that are dark, cluttered or small can make you feel depressed, anxious and cramped. Plus, homes that are cluttered require lots of cleaning and chores. This can lead to increased anxiety. If after a typical day you come home from work just find more work, that can cause stress and decrease your ability to relax. When you are constantly stressed, with little or no relief, anxiety can develop. With fewer knick-knacks to collect dust and dirt minimalist homes generally require less cleaning and upkeep.”

So the more is not always the better.
Living room

3- Invest in some indoor plants

There are a lot of benefits of indoor plants such as:

  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce stress & improve your mental health
  • Fit to any kind of interior decor with many kinds of plants
  • Restful sleep

Reduce your risk of having respiratory disease & cancer

 indoor plants

4- Pinterest, Instagram & Google provides a tone of information for home decor ideas

Either you're looking for furniture, light, candles, etc. You can always check on Pinterest before heading to the store.


5- Invest in good home appliances:

Home appliances with good quality will help you to do your task faster with better effectiveness. I suggest you invest in a good vacuum, air purifier so it cleans your house air. Plus, the clean living area can prevent you from disease, infection, etc. 

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