Best indoor air purifier plants

What are the best air cleaner plants for your house?

Nowadays, with a plethora of researches, especially NASA’s one, we know that indoor plants play a much more important role than a decor.

Indoor plants

I didn't know until I saw it. Last year, my wife and I bought the house and there were so many renovations because we want it to be our way. After getting it done, we moved in and had been living there. My wife started coughing a lot. We consulted our family doctor many times and even got suggestions from our friends who are a pharmacist. We bought a different kind of medications for her cough. It didn't really work even I paid for the duct cleaning and cleaned our whole house. I think that my wife was sensitive easily with something because she had pneumonia during her childhood. One day, an article cached my eyes with all the beautiful indoor plants so I wanted to get it to make our house greener. I found out that soon when I put a big pot of snake plants and started growing a shoot of spider plants in our bedroom, my wife’s coughing was gone. Plus, she started sleeping earlier and deeper. I noticed that we never had any difficulty of sleeping since then. So I started my research and found out that there are many beautiful kinds of indoor plants that provide you unbelievable benefits:

  • Indoor plants are great decor:
    It's never been more trendy to incorporate plants into your home decor and with such beautiful options out there, your dream of turning your humble abode into a jungle oasis has never been easier

  • Indoor PlantsImage source: Mrcigar


  • Indoor plants provide oxygen:
    The photosynthesis process will make plants release oxygen so your house will be better to breathe. The more oxygen you have, the better you sleep and relax. 
    Choose a pot of Sansevieria or Aloe Vera for your room so it provides oxygen during the night so you can sleep well.
  • Indoor plant purified air in your house
    Here is the list of indoor plants and its ability of purified the air

  • indoor plantsImage source from

  • Indoor can provide shade to your house.
  • Most of the indoor plants require easy care so you won't spend much time on it

So what are the most popular indoor plants you should consider to have in your house? Here is the best air purifier:

  • Snake plants
  • Spider plants
  • Aloe vera
  • Dracaena Marginata
  • Peace Lily
  • Lucky bamboo

More indoor plants for decorations and obviously provide oxygen

  • Palm tree
  • Bird's of paradise
  • Moses in Boat
  • And more
  • English Ivy
indoor plants

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Most of the indoor plants cited above are great for decor and cleaner air in your house. Plus, several types of research show that It helps to release stress and anxiety.

You can't trade anything for a peaceful living area. That's the big treasure to me.


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