6 smart home gadgets that make you life easier this summer

Best 6 smart home gadgets you ever need in your house now

Smart alarm security system

Most of us are paying monthly for some security alarm company. Before, I did it too. Often, I was wondering if it really helps. Somebody breaks in and the alarm will honk and the alarm company calls to check on us. And blah blah blah. That's how it works. But personally, I found it complicated and ripped off for several reasons. What if my father in law just come by to fix the sink and he totally forgot the PIN number? Or my kids who are careless, drop off their bag and when out to play with friends and they forgot to deactivate the alarm?

I found that the smart alarm system does a better job for most of the cases. With the sensors, you can track on your phone which door is opened at what time. Most of the company provide you with their app to control it. Plus, there are indoor and outdoor cameras with which you can track to see who's in your house or backyard, etc. If something happened, you can contact the police right away. Plus, there is no monthly fee and no charge for the mobile app.

Smart lock

Your pocket is already bulky with your phone & your wallet. Sometimes, you don't want to put your keys with it. Either you're afraid that the keys will scratch your phone or destroy your wallet. Plus, if you split up your keys, you may forget your keys somewhere. And the story goes on.

Welcome to the smart lock club, buddy. The smart lock on the market can help you to lock or unlock your door via WiFi. You simply use the smart lock company to unlock/lock it. Plus, it can be connected to your Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

All the smart locks nowadays are DIY and so easy to install so you don't have to worry much about it.

Smart electric plug

The smart plug help you to turn on/off the electricity of whatever you use. For example, you go out and found out that you forgot to turn off the toaster oven. With this smart plug, you can easily turn it off via WiFi. It's so convenient and safe to use. You can save electricity and less likely cause some harm or damage to your home.

Because of its high price, I only bought it for only the kitchen where I spend most of the time when I'm home. My tips is plug it in where you use most of the time and the appliance where it can’t be turned off itself or cause some troubles if turned on for so long.

The advantage of the smart plug is so easy to install and you can control with your virtual assistant such as Siri, Google assistant, Alexa.

Smart light bulb

The smart light bulb is getting better day to day. It integrates into people daily living as an indispensable element. Let me tell you why you should invest in the smart light bulb then stress free life is waiting for you:

  • The smart light bulb connect to you phone of virtual assistant via WiFi, so you can control it everywhere as long as you have the internet.
  • All those smart light bulbs are LED light bulb so it consume less energy than the regular light bulb (7-10 times less in general)
  • DIY installation
  • There is many different kind of light color (soft white, daylight, etc.) , lumens (bright or dark), dimmable or not that it can fit perfectly to your house style or your needs
  • Its lifetime is proved to be longer than the regular light bulb (approximately 5 times longer)

 Smart speaker

I'm using the Google speakers at home (1 small and 1 big one) and I love it so much. Here are all the reasons why you should have one in your house:

  • You can control all smart gadget such as smart security alarm system, smart lock, smart plug, smart light bulb, smart… everything simply by telling the speaker what to do. For example, “hey XYZ, turn on the alarm”
  • You can use it as a music player with high sound quality
  • All your cellphone function such as weather, alarm, call, calculator, map (distance & duration) and more & more.

Smart roboVac

This one on the list is not really a smart gadget to me but it's smart for many reasons:

  • It has its own battery so you can charge and let it run the whole day and charge it again at night.
  • I didn't have much time to clean simply because I have to travel a lot then my job requires extra time at home to get the task done.
  • This roboVac can clean in many surface (hardwood, carpet, tile). You don't have to do anything because it will adjust itself.
  • Most of roboVac can detect which area is dirtiest in the house so it give more care to make sure its clean
  • It can recognize the dock station so basically, it can be charged itself. You only have to plug in the dock station and leave it in the floor somewhere
  • You can control it with your phone via WiFi, where you want the roboVac to clean

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