Does Yoga Weight Really Loss Work?

How to lose weight with Yoga?

People turn to yoga for a variety of reasons. Some may be trying to find inner peace, while others want their bodies to become more flexible. At first look, yoga may seem like an exercise that only requires controlled breathing and slow poses. However, some practitioners believe that there’s more to yoga than meets the eye. At this age when obesity is fast becoming an epidemic, many practitioners turn to yoga as a means to lose weight. However, does yoga weight loss really work?

yoga weight loss

A number of famous A-list celebrities are claiming that yoga weight loss was indeed effective for them. Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, and Liv Tyler all swear that yoga was instrumental in keeping their figures in perfect shape. Their trainers believe that yoga, even for beginners, can help shed the extra pounds in several ways.

1. Yoga is a physical activity.

While executing yoga poses may not seem as vigorous as engaging in sports, it is still a physical activity. We cannot undermine the importance of exercise in achieving our ideal weight, even if it means you are burning lesser calories than if you run a marathon. Several types of yoga can burn 240 calories in an hour. Compared to the 360 calories burnt when doing aerobics, yoga may seem only secondary. Still, it is better to burn some calories than burn nothing at all.

yoga weight loss
2. Yoga is a good stress-buster.

Performing yoga reaches to your psychological well-being and helps alleviate stress. Many stressed people find it hard to resist food and turn to emotional eating to feel good. However, binging will result in more fat in the body. De-stressing through yoga will keep you focused on your activities as well as take notice of the amount of food you eat.

3. You can detoxify the body through yoga.

Yoga practitioners believe that breathing does not merely keep you in tune with the postures you are doing, it is also a good place to start detoxifying the body. When you are accumulating impossible amounts of weight over a short period of time, it is likely that your kidneys and liver are not working properly. Yoga does not only work on the physical attributes of the body but also keeps your internal organs conditioned as well. When your digestive tract, kidneys, and livers are healthy, it is easier to digest the food you eat, absorb the essential nutrients and expel the toxins out.

yoga weight loss
4. Yoga changes your lifestyle for the better.

Aside from working on toning your body and conditioning your bodily functions, it also gets in touch with your mind and spirit. Yoga weight loss works by keeping your mind and spirit in tune with your body needs. This means you become more conscious and aware of what you’re putting into the body and tend to make mindful decisions about food and eating habits. This reinforcement helps you not only in losing weight but prevent them from getting back.

yoga weight loss

Indeed, yoga weight loss works. You can make yoga work for you by listening to the needs of your body. Try to find your edge, commit and motivate yourself that shedding a few pounds will help your body and self-image. Furthermore, if you are already engaged with other physical activities, you can maximize the results by integrating yoga into your physical routine.

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