How to make you look like James Bond all the time

The best trendy men's accessories

 All men are always looking for accessories for suit in order to make himself unique, powerful, or stylish. One of the most classy men accessories for men is mysteriously the boutonniere. The boutonniere is the lifetime piece of art for any men suit because of its long history from the royal to Hollywood celebrities. We can use in any occasion such as a wedding, anniversaries, proms, or a night in the theater, etc.

 men boutonniere

How to wear a boutonniere

-          We put it in the left lapel of the suit, blazer

-          Keep in mind that the boutonniere must be attached above the heart of the men

-          Most of the standard suit has a lapel but watch out the sports blazer (some of them don’t have it)



-          You would want to be different than the crowd: 

Something new, unique that most people don't know yet. You are the leader to teach them the new way to impress women

-          You will look stylishly powerful

What else can I say? You will be the star of the party. Women will keep murmuring:" Wow, this guy has a good taste."

-          You will look so confident so the conversation would be easier.


Type of boutonniere:

It's hard to tell because nowadays, fashion demands designer to be creative so there is an explosion of styles of the boutonniere. It doesn't matter the form, the size, you only need to choose the color & style that make with your suit. 


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