How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds

What’s the best and easiest way to fold a shirt

All men need to have at least 2-3 shirts in their closest because shirts play an important role in men’s lives. There are many events in many locations in which T-shirt is considered a cheap play for men such as wedding, office, meeting, date, or more important a purpose to her.

fold a shirt

There are many benefits to wearing a shirt instead of a T-shirt:

-          Many events require you to wear a shirt with a goal to respect the purpose of the event, such as a wedding, meeting, a formal celebration, etc.

-          Women will likely be impressed by the men wearing a shirt

-          Shirts make you gentlemen by the first look

-          There are many kinds and styles of shirts that can transform you into any character you want such as James Bond, Casanova, Gentlemen, or …a playboy in the beach

 fold a shirt

But most of the men are struggled with wearing a shirt because it requires more care than a t-shirt. Besides its specific cleaning process due to the color, material, etc., men hate wrinkles of the shirts for certain reasons

-          Wrinkles happen all the time when you wash it

-          Ironing a shirt is not fun because it requires so much time and attention

When traveling, you never want to iron a shirt, put it in your suitcase when you have to re-iron it again before the event. In some countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, most hotels don’t allow you to use iron in your room for fire safety reason. So I would like to suggest you iron your shirt then follow the video and the infographic below in learning how to fold your shirt then you don’t have to worry about wrinkle when you travel. Hav fun watching.




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