How to dress well this holiday season?

How to dress well this holiday season?

Many words are used when men describe how they want to look with their dress, such as stylish, fancy, powerful, and sexy. The most important word to me is IMPRESSIVE. in order to impress your lover, you gotta dress well this holiday season. Why? This quarter of the year provides you a schedule with a plethora of events such as Christmas parties with friends, co-workers, Christmas dinner with your lover and your family, boxing day, new year eve, etc. For many of us, we will be busy every evening from the December 15th, right?

Dressing well is important to any man. Let me tell you several reasons that have been stressing me out every year when Christmas is approaching.

Dressing well is dressing right.

You can't go the many events with a pair of jeans, sneakers and your favorite jersey. It will simply make you look completely like a dumb guy coming from nowhere in the earth. Plus, you would never want to disappoint your companion such as your wife, your girlfriend or simply your buddies in some events that require a formal dress code.

Dress well means respecting your companion and your self.

Sorry if I'm tough with this but I did it once before and it was a disaster with my girlfriend. I'm still feeling bad because she put a lot of effort in order to dress nicely to impress me. Just listen to me, don't let those moments become a bad memory.

Dressing nice make you confident.

Off course, when you're with her, you want to impress her with your nice look. “Clothes don't make a man but they can make the man look great”. You would want to look powerful when handshaking with your business partner or co-worker or simply look fancy when cheering with your friends.

All those desires will be the reality if you dress well.

Plus, looking impressive can make you go further in your career or relationship.

Can't repeat enough how important dressing nice is. But, one thing for sure, it will make your companion impressed and more reliable to your business partners or your boss. Why? Because you're respecting the formal dress code so you're respecting them.

“Ok, said enough Rémy, so how to dress well for this holiday season?”

Dressing nice is not hard. It only requires a bit of your effort by planning a little in advance. I can give you some easy tips here to start with:


Copy some celebrities style

It can be an actor, an athlete, a singer or a movie personage. They always have to dress nicely in order to impress the public, please their fans, increase their influence, etc.

When I want to wear casual, I always copy David Beckham. But when I want to look powerful and sexy, I copy James Bond. Isn't it easy?

Just search on the internet “the most fashionable/ stylish male celebrity”, then you can find a bunch of websites.

Choose Slim Fit clothing.

Slim Fit is not only the actual trend but it makes you seriously sexy. The slim fit dress will make you look fit, no matter how you are (skinny, fit or chubby)


Pay attention to the dress code

A lot of events require a formal dress code. If so, start thinking about wearing a suit (blazer, vest, and dress pant) with a nice shirt and tie/ bowtie. Plus, you can get some accessories such as pocket square, watch, ring, and bracelet, etc., to make your fancy look to the beast mode.

How to match the color?

Here is the real war. The color of dress can match with many people but also doesn't fit with others. I had many headaches with it before but once you start working on it, it will get better. You can also ask your companion for advice. Or go to my Facebook and send me a question via Facebook Messenger. 

Easy tips: follow the célébrités as said above. Most of them match their clothing very well.

Focus on a classic style more than the personal style.

Classic style is forever timeless. Many men from Clark Gable via Al Pacino to George Clooney and now Tom Hiddleston or any other celebrities choose to dress fancy.

Stay away from graphic, logo tee (for now)

Those are too casual and trendy.


Wear a belt or a suspender

Don’t let your pant feel empty.

Invest in Accessories

You always need a bowtie/tie, a pocket square, a clean nice wallet, a pair of sunglasses, bracelet and/or a watch with you. It doesn't mean you overdress if you match everything right.

Keep yourself well groomed

Clothing is important but if you don’t do your hair or groom your beard or mustache, you still look gross.

I have more specific tips for y’all but I just stop here. Too much info to consume for you now. If you want to look better with your clothing, you can message me on my Facebook. Please, like, share if you enjoy this article.



  • Maddy

    Love Love Love! Currently sharing this article with my boyfriend now!

  • Bee

    great post about keeping it simple & classic and looking for guidance from the pros if you don’t know where to start.

  • Kim

    All men need to read this! Just great ??

  • Veronika

    These are some great tips. I just published 6 outfits women should wear for the Thanksgiving dinner party on my blog today. But I somehow couldn’t come up with any outfit for men. What do you think men should wear for the Thanksgiving party?


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