Best way to tie your cravat to succeed

Best way to tie your cravat to look impressive

Wearing a tie/cravat is a dress code required by workplaces such as business, marketing, accounting, etc.; events such as a wedding, conference, etc. So as a man, you should know how to tie a cravat because it gives you many benefits:
- you look sharp at the event or your workplace
- the more you practice, the shorter time it will take next time
- tie/cravat is always an easy choice to match with suits instead of bowtie or other accessories. 
- tie/cravat had many color, style (print, floral, stripes etc.), form so it's a must in your closet. 
Know those benefits, let me show you now the different style of tieing the cravat so you won't be out of style. 
tie a cravat
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Here is the video of tieing a cravat so you can have a closer view:

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