[FASHION] 5 fashion accessories all men need this summer

Best 5 accessories all men must have in their closet this summer

Last month, i traveled to Asia, specifically Bali, Indonesia and Vietnam. The trip was amazing and the experiences were unforgettable. My suitcase and my backpack were full and heavy due to many kind of activities such as swimming, hiking, partying, etc. I noticed that even though I brought so many stuffs, there were many things missing that made me a bit uncomfortable, especially my accessories.

In order to have an amazing trip and enjoy it fully, let me tell you the fashion accessories that you need to have it when traveling, or just enjoy your day in your city. Here we go.

Jewelry: Bracelet/necklace

This year fashion trend is exploded with jewelry for men such as bracelet, necklace, etc. with many kind of style like retro/vintage style, classy style, funky/hip-hop style, etc. 

The most popular men are looking for right now is the bead bracelet. There are many style, color, type of stone, that match with all kind of clothing. It can make you more classy, more stylish or super impressive wherever you swing by. 

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We gotta beat the heat everywhere you go. The hat is the best friend who can save you from heatstroke. Plus, This summer fashion trend enhance men wearing many kind of hat. Beside of the baseball cap that provide easy casual look, you can always look for the more classical one like in those pictures showed below


When you travel, you'll never want a thick & heavy wallet. Why? You will be wearing short, walk a lot every day. Plus, the heat will make you thighs sweaty if your wallet is big & thick. No, it's not a good idea.

When I was in Bali, i regret a lot with my old wallet with bank cards, medical health cards, business cards, and bunch of coins that I can't even use in Bali. Good thing that my birthday is the 3rd day of the trip so my wife gave me a minimalist wallet. It's solid and fit my 2 bank cards and some cash in it. The advantage is that wallet is small and lightweight so you don't feel bulky. Plus, the less things you have in your wallet, the better you control your expense.

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Sunglasses are my everyday use when in Asia. It was hot and crazily sunny. It saves my eyes during the day, especially when driving, hiking or swimming. There is no way you can survive more than 3 days without wearing sunglasses. Trust me. 

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Waist bag

It sound weird but it was true. A waist bag can fit a wallet, a passport and a cellphone altogether. Plus, that's the hot trend of this year around the word.

Keep in mind that pick-pocketing still exists in many countries. If you keep all stuff in the waist bag and keep in in front of your chest, you'll be less likely the victim of pickpocket.

Suit accessories

The suit accessories such as tie/ bow-tie, pocket square, cuff-links are indispensable because in case of formal party, it can back you up. It happened to me when I was in Saigon, Vietnam. My old friends invited me and my wife to a formal "Nuit Blanche" and I didn't have my suit accessories with me. I had to went buy it. Sadly, it was expensive and not as nice as mine in Canada. Lesson learned, knowing that the suit accessories are light, small so I always put in with me when traveling next time. 

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