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[FASHION] 5 fashion accessories all men need this summer

Best 5 accessories all men must have in their closet this summer Last month, i traveled to Asia, specifically Bali, Indonesia and Vietnam. The trip was amazing and the experiences were unforgettable. My suitcase and my backpack were full and heavy due to many kind of activities such as swimming, hiking, partying, etc. I noticed that even though I brought so many stuffs, there were many things missing that made me a bit uncomfortable, especially my accessories. In order to have an amazing trip and enjoy it fully, let me tell you the fashion accessories that you need to have it when traveling, or just enjoy your day in your city. Here we go. Jewelry: Bracelet/necklace This year fashion trend...

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5 Reasons Your Sunglasses Will Save Your Life

You slather on SPF 50 to shield your skin from the sun. Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about your bare eyes? Here are 5 Reasons Your Sunglasses Will Save Your Life In a 2012 overview, not as much as half of 10,000 Americans surveyed perceived the medical advantages of shades, and 27 percent of respondents revealed never wearing them. However this basic and smart accessory* can shield your eyes from a large group of conditions caused by bright beams: 1. Skin Cancer Up to 10 percent of all skin growths are found on the eyelid. 2. CataractsThe World Health Organization reports that, around the world, roughly 900,000 individuals are visually impaired due to Cataracts—darkness in the focal...

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Men's Jewelry Trends 2017

Adornments improve one's look. They give a cool look when supplemented with any pleasant clothing. Be that as it may, keeping your look cool winds up noticeably troublesome in odd climates. Extras are felt like a weight when the climate chills or warms up. So I'm going to show you the men's jewelry trends of 2017 here. In the event that you need to keep your look amazing, you can take a stab at putting resources into various sorts of bits of adornments to include intrigue. Adornments that is lightweight, ideal for all climates and simple to convey can be an incredible decision. Arm ornaments, pieces of jewelry, and rings are hard to get right and the men's jewelry trends of 2017...

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